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"Timeless" Oil on Board
As an Angel oil on Board

"As an Angel" Oil on Board
Always Together

Always Together
that which is above as within

That Which is Above is Within
the soul of turmoil

The Soul of Turmoil

sacred circle

Sacred Circle

top of the world

Top of the World
Judith Lightfield
Artist Statement

Stepping beyond the threshold of Judi Lightfield’s studio is a departure from the ordinary. Southern light filters across mounds of paper and paintings, art books and journals, photographs, quotes drawn in marker across the walls and splatters and smears of paint that ran over the boundaries of her canvases onto the surfaces behind them. Her finished works rest against the wall a quiet chronicles of the artist.

Lightfield is as she paints: a woman who has emerged from many layers after a life time working in the arts. She initially studied Environmental Design at the University of Massachusetts but transferred after two years to the University of Oregon. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art, she moved to Colorado. Working at the Denver Art Museum surrounded her with many influences, contemporary, Western and Oriental. Her education was completed with a Master’s of Arts degree from Regis University. Currently she teaches painting, art appreciation and art history at the college level.

Sifting through layers to find her own voice, Lightfield borrows a technique of the old masters, sfumato, very thin layers of paint applied as glazes. The layers of paint capture light, reflecting it back to give the work an ethereal glow. The landscape emerges slowly from these layers. “The image is unconsciously sought,” she says. Dark tones overlap pale ones. Strokes of color intertwine until a horizon line develops and the journey begins. It is an imaginary journey, across mountains of obstacles, valleys of grace, through trees filled with life. Never a specific place or time, it’s a journey of changing dreams, memories, and the feel of space. Maybe you’ve been there, the lost and undiscovered place that brings you closer to yourself and the sense of wonder in the world.

It is the connection between individuals and the mystery!

light54field@gmail.com or light54field@juno.com

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